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Antur One-Piece Recurve Bow Nesta Clear

Antur One-Piece Recurve Bow Nesta Clear SALE 60" #40

€ 259,00

Antur One-Piece Recurve Bow Nesta Clear

The new one-piece bow "Nesta" was designed especially for the price and quality conscious shooter. The design simple and elegant, the dynamics impressive and "smooth" at the same time. The Nesta Clear captivates with the walnut centerpiece and the clear glass limbs with a timeless design and sheer elegance. Artisanal sensitivity, combined with high technical know-how in manufacturing, make the new "Nesta - Clear" a first-class one-piece recurve - especially for beginners and price-conscious archers. Our Nesta has been specially designed to ensure excellent shooting characteristics even at low draw weights.

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Special Price € 259,00


  • Variants: RH
  • Drawweight: 40 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Limb material: bamboo with clear glass
  • Special feature: with low draw weights high arrow speed
  • Tips: Antur Speed Tip (5x harder than Micarta at 50% of weight)
  • Centerpiece: Walnut
  • Length: 60 inches
  • Bow Type: One-Piece Recurve
  • Rec. Braceheight: 8 inches
  • String: FastFlight fit

The delivery includes a 12 or 14 strand Fast Flight string depending on the drawweight of the bow.