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Beiter DLX Scope

Beiter 29 mm scope Basic

€ 117,50

Beiter 29 mm scope Basic

The Beiter Scope Ø29K with small level is highly appreciated since its introduction because of the high quality of the Zeiss Lens.

The level is available with a clear, Green, Red or Blue liquid, in a clear housing. You can easily and very fast exchange the level, if you want a different level colour for different light conditions.

€ 117,50


The Zeiss K-Lens is available in following Dioptries (Magnifications):

  • +0,25 (approx. 2x)
  • +0,50 (approx. 4x)
  • +0,75 (approx. 6x)
  • +1,00 (approx. 8x)
  • +1,25 (approx. 10x)

Important: The Scope Pin is optional and not included in the Basic Unit!

1-2 weeks for most options