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Beiter Insert Nock 165/1 & 165/2

Beiter Insert Nock 165 Asymetric

€ 27,50

Beiter Insert Nock 165 Asymetric

The best selling insert nock is the 12 series nock (for shafts with
UniBushing or inner diameter 0,166" or 4,24mm). This nock was made for Easton Unibushings and direct fit shafts with an
ID of 0,166".

But many more manufacturers are producing small diameter shafts nowadays and the 12 nock was not fitting correctly.
The shank of these Nocks have a precise diameter, while nocks from other
manufacturers have little ridges or dots to compensate the tolerance.

This is why Beiter introduces the .165" Insert Nock, dedicated to all
shafts with a fit diameter of 4,20mm for all the 0,165" made by Victory,
GoldTip, Black Eagle, Win&Win, Fivics etc.

The Beiter Insert-Nock is available in both the Beiter patented ASYMMETRIC shape, as well as in the SYMMETRIC Hunter-Nock. Remember to shoot with the Beiter logo on top!

On Special Order for the time being. Delivery times upto 3 weeks.

Sold per dozen.

€ 27,50


165/1 & 165/2 fit:

  • VAP
  • Pierce
  • Black Eagle
  • Win & Win