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Bohning Tex-Tite Wax

Bohning Wax

€ 3,50

Bohning Wax

It is important to regularly apply wax to your bowstring. It helps prevent wear and therefore it will extend the lifespan of your string.

€ 3,50


  • UV light blocking
  • Lubrication of string fibers
  • Keeps the strands together
  • Prevents moisture from penetrating the string

Bohning Wax Tex-Tite:

Natural based wax. Lubricates & lengthens string life. Tex-tite will remain tacky under all weather conditions.

Bohning Seal-Tite:

Silicone based wax for every bowstring. Lubricates & lengthens string life. Once applied, Seal-Tite remains pliable under all weather conditions.