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Larp arrow complete

Larp arrow

€ 9,50

Larp arrow complete

Complete larp arrow with nock, vanes and safety point.

€ 9,50


Technical details

Independently safety tested by the leading German Live-Role-Playing magazine

The aerodynamically optimised safety-head. 50 mm in diameter is made of high performance energy absorbing foam as used in the car industry.

The captive fights made from highly elastic plastics increase the arrow’s lifetime and guarantee lasting safety.

The high grade epoxy-glass resign shaft is highly flexible. Shatter proof and provides maximum accuracy.

Almost unlimited delivering ability due to industrial suppliers.

Also available as 15” Crossbow bolts and with night glow feathering.

Length (total): approx. 820 mm (32,5 inch)

Mass: approx. 68 g (2.25 oz)

* More than 50 m striking distance @ 30 lbs x 28” draw weight.