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XX75 Platinum Plus arrow complete

Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrow

€ 11,00

Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrow

XX75 Platinum provides top-quality aerospace alloy consistency and performance that comes in a full range of sizes for almost any target shooter. Get Platinum for easy set up, quick bow tuning, and super tight groups.

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€ 11,00


Easton arrows, produced with our advanced technology and manufacturing processes, deliver uniform spine between all arrow shafts of the same size, and 360 degrees around each shaft. With Easton, you know that your next arrow will fly like the last.

Our straightness measurements are actual, and surpass, with a far more stringent straightness requirement, ATA/ASTM industry standard. We measure straightness based on the full length of the shaft, minus two inches, which makes Easton arrows the most accurate in the industry. What we say is what you get — and better.

Accuracy requires weight consistency. Different weights will cause arrows to hit higher or lower. We adhere to strict weight tolerances in every arrow we manufacture, guaranteeing consistent arrow performance. Whether you're aiming for gold, or bearing down on a trophy elk, you know that the critical shot you're about to take will be as perfect as your practice shot.

  • Shaft: XX75 Platinum Plus from Easton
  • Nock: G Nock by Easton for sizes 1416 to 1916. Easton nock Super for sizes 2013 to 2315.
  • Point: NIBB Point from Easton
  • Shafts can be cut to length. Please specify the desired length of the shaft only (bushing included but without point or nock) in mm. If field is left empty full length shafts will be supplied.