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Flex Shoes Archery Laces

Flex Shoes Archery Laces

€ 30,00

Flex Shoes Archery Laces

Canvas warm in winter and fresh in summer. The absolutly new way to live archery also out the shooting line. Together with the shoes will be a nice carrying bag. All shoes are made in Spain.

Please contact Europe Archery to inquire about availability.

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Guide to select your shoes size

Always buy a pair of shoes that fit the bigger foot. The reason for this is that you can place an over the counter insole in the larger one to either take up some of the room or prevent foot slippage. Never force your foot into a shoe that is too small or too tight. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause foot, ankle, knee and low back problems. Shoes that do not fit properly can throw your balance off and make you walk funny. If the shoe is too narrow you can develop ingrown toe nails, corns on the top and side of your toes and irritate the skin resulting in blister formation. Please note that while this guide is the most accurate tool to determine your shoes size it does not represent a guarantee as it cannot account for every possible foot shape.If you are uncertain about your shoe size please click here, 

The shoes are available in 5 different colours and from size 36 up to 46.