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Shibuya Weight Caruno

Shibuya Weight Caruno

€ 8,50

Shibuya Weight Caruno

€ 8,50


The Shibuya Caruno system features the following specifications:


Vari-Blend Carbon Technology

Caruno features a unique stabilizer shaft construction, which features carbon blends of varying elastic moduli, placed strategically to maximize performance. The base of the long rod, which demands high stiffness, is strengthened by high modulus carbon fibers to reduce overall vibration, while the tip area features a blend of slightly lower modulus material to drastically reduce vibration traveling back down the rod.
Combined with the DDST construction, this gives Caruno the solidity and vibration absorption properties high level archers desire. Long Rod and Side Rod employ individually optimized carbon blends, offering superior vibration absorption and stiffness, while reducing torsional rigidity for optimal shooting feeling. The V-Bar Extender shaft features high torsional rigidity and stiffness, firmly supporting V-Bar, Long Rod and Side Rods.


Dual Diameter Spine Tuning

Caruno Stabilizer’s Dual Diameter Spine Tuning (DDST) construction enabled us to dramatically reduce the mass weight of the stabilizer rod without sacrificing its strength, by varying the inner diameter of the rod at the base and weight end. Long Rod features a higher wall thickness at the stabilizer base, which requires the highest stability. The weight end of the shaft, which experiences a lower amount of stress upon the shot, features a reduced diameter, drastically reducing the weight of the rod.


Direct Link System

The Caruno V-Bar Extenders feature Shibuya's popular Direct Link System. An Aluminum “connecting rod” is inserted inside the carbon pipe, creating an incredibly strong bond between the end bushings, and offering unbeatable stiffness.
Just like Shibuya’s world-famous sight systems, CARUNO Stabilizers are produced in Japan to meticulous quality standards.


Extremely light weight

Caruno Stabilizers feature extremely light weight rods at only 112g at 28” or 118g at 30”. A full set up is up to 20% lighter than conventional stabilizers. Caruno Stabilizers are available in the following lengths:

  • Long Rod: 26”, 28” 30” (incl. 1 Flat weight and 1 Cap weight)
  • Side Rod: 10”, 11”, 12” (sold in pairs, incl. 1 Cap weight)
  • V-Bar Extender: 3”, 4”, 5” (Extender includes Stabilizer/Plunger Spanner – available separately)

Available weight modules:

  • Flat (32g)
  • Cap (40g)
  • “Flat Light” (28g)
  • Half Cap (28g)