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W&W Handle Inno CXT

W&W Handle Inno CXT 27 Inch

€ 859,00

W&W Handle Inno CXT 27 Inch

International limb fitting riser from Win&Win.

There is a possibility this riser is not in stock. Please contact us for availability prior to ordering.

€ 859,00


Key features:

  • Carbon material for vibration reduction.
  • Design minimizes the unnecessary limb movement from the archer’s release making for an extremely stable shot.
  • Optimized for accuracy, stability, arrow speed and super smooth feeling.
  • Weight control system for improved balance and feel.
  • Convenient center-shot adjustment system, adjustable without unstringing the bow.
  • Virtually perfect limb and riser alignment.

Technical specifications:

  • Limb Fitting: ILF
  • Material: Nano Carbon
  • Length Options: 27"
  • Weight: 27":1260g
  • Handedness: RH only
  • Finish: Painted, gloss finish.